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Valentines day challenge: Love isn’t measured by the dozen


A day celebrating love sounds like a good idea, right?  Flowers, chocolates, love letters, all clad in pink, but for most people valentines day sucks.  Single folks lament not having anyone to celebrate with.  Men stress over gifts and last minute plans.  Women dream up ideal scenarios better fit for a romance novel than real life.  Advertisers pull our heartstrings, make us sigh, and leave us discontent.  We spend absurd amounts of money and hope we have bought and done the right thing.  Women are motivated by the desire to “feel” loved and what motivates men?  Guilt?  Nagging?  Or is it the not very subtle promise of sex, as implied by the FTD Super Bowl commercial?

What if today we scrap ideals?  What if you let your special someone off the hook?  Could we stop thinking about what we want for a little while and find a way to show genuine love to someone else?  I bet there is a single mom out there who would love a cup of coffee delivered to her door, or a senior whose whole week would be brightened by flowers.  So that’s my challenge, today go out and find someone to love on.  Valentines day should be a day when everyone feels loved!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy V Day, Have a cookie!