Baby in one hand…potholder on the other.


This is what dramatic looks like

Being a mom means being ambidextrous and then some.  Not only can I use both hands but elbows, hips, toes, teethe or any other free appendage.  You would marvel to see me balancing a baby on my hip while picking up a burp cloth with my toes. I can also hold a sleeping baby while effortlessly helping my toddler tear off his clothes as he makes a mad dash to the bathroom.  I know it sounds amazing and entertaining but really it’s a survival skill.  You see, if I would dare to put the baby down long enough to pick up the burp cloth or help my toddler, said baby, might think the world was ending.  Then my bundle of joy would let out a screech so piercing the neighbors would believe it really was the end of the world.  So out of respect for my neighbors, and my sanity, I have learned the ultimate form of multitasking.  People often say that parenting is a balancing act.  They couldn’t be more right. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  I learned it from my three year old he holds the patent on this particular skill set.  Maybe I’m not always balancing things in both arms.  I am, however, always searching for balance.  Balance with my time, heath, family, and friends.  Balance between what I need, want, and what others need and want from me.  I can’t be all things, to all people only God can be.  Today my goal is to take off my cape and stop trying to be super woman.  Instead I will pray that God uses me as He sees fit.  Then I will trust God to take care of everyone and everything else


About Mandy

Woman. Mom. Wife. I cook. I clean. I'm a wanna be foodie. Enjoy photography, art, and books and I think in order to survive you have to laugh...a lot! Jesus is the love of my life and saviour of my soul. My husband and sons fill my days with more joy then I could have ever dreamed of. I'm a reluctant inventor and fledgling small business owner. My kitchen floor is always dirty.

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  1. No kidding about “any other free appendage”. lol I use my toes a lot. I say it’s my other arm. Yes, my husband finds it rather amusing. But when holding my little one, you are right, sometimes it’s just easier all around to use that free appendage. 🙂

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