Monthly Archives: August 2011

Eggplant two ways


I followed my advice and went computer free yesterday evening.  It did the trick.  Sometimes I just need to slow down and appreciate how good my life is.  Note, I said good not perfect.  I don’t expect perfect until I get to heaven so for now I am overjoyed with good.  For the cooking segment of the evening I made Eggplant Parmesan.  Eggplant has always seemed like such a cool thing to cook.  I have bought them on several occasions but never really known what to do.  So I have sliced and diced them into stews and casseroles.  They turned out mushy and sometimes slimy but I still boasted that the dish had eggplant.  Never mind that the dish wasn’t very palpable.   Fortunately, this time the eggplant was mouthwatering.  Panko breadcrumbs, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, fire roasted tomatoes what’s not to love?  I purchased two eggplants but only ended up needing one.  The other fulfilled its life long dream of becoming a racecar.  What! You didn’t know that all baby eggplants dream of becoming racecars?  Ok, maybe they don’t but my toddler loved the idea and loved building his racing eggplant.

If you would like the directions for the car or recipe for the eggplant parmesan leave me a comment.  Talk to you soon.


You have to start somewhere…


Ever had a bad day? I have. Lots of them actually and today is one of them. Nothing earthshaking just a day when your heart kind of aches and you feel like talking. I have two kids and as much as I love them they don’t qualify for the type of conversation I need. So here I am, blogging. If your a mom, especially of small children, you get it. It’s the days when being captain mom, wife, friend, chef, and maid just don’t seem to flow together. How do you deal with those days? My plan today, after writing this blog, is to turn the computer off. No more checking facebook and sulking because everyone else on the planet is doing something amazing and no more email to remind me about bills or upcoming obligations. I need to laugh. I need to hug my kids and I need to cook. See thats something about me. I love cooking. Not the, “I need dinner on the table in ten minutes mad dash” kind of cooking. Although most days that is how it is. Instead it is the kind of cooking that makes me feel like I am loving the people who will eat the food. Today I need an adventure so I will find something new, probably not complicated, but new. I will check back later and let you know how it turns out. Talk to you soon!